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Good Developments Group Feedback

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

LaSalle Park Community Association (LPCA) has been approached by Good Developments Group (GDG) asking for our support and endorsement of the Gateway South project at the Chouteau's Landing area just south of downtown. Given the pending changeover to possibly a completely new board of directors in April, the Association's current board felt the best response was to request feedback from LaSalle Park residents about whether they'd like LPCA to offer its endorsement. We encourage you to email us your feedback at

You can read about the Gateway Landing project on NextSTL here, and in other local news.

GDG asked for a 15 year tax abatement in steps: 10yrs @ 90% -> 5yrs @ 50%, may revise to three 5yr steps: 90%->75%->50%. Their initial top priority is stabilizing burnt-out Crunden-Martin building and adjacent structures. Phase 1 would be manufacturing & light industrial, seeking tenants who fabricate widgets (component mfg and modular building) in prefab structures and ship via rail/road/barge. GDG anticipates ~$20 million new revenue at 10yrs, 1200 jobs at average $63k income.

GDG is having advanced discussions with prospective out-of-state tenants, although no commitments known at the time of this writing.

7th Ward Alderman Jack Coatar supports the Gateway South project, indeed sponsoring the legislation proposing its tax incentives. The Board of Alderman also approved the incentive package on 2/3/2023. You can view Jack's testimony at a recent HUDZ committee hearing at 22:35 on this video:

The congregation at St. Mary of the Victories also supports project, and the church itself will stay there.

LPCA board encourages you to email us your feedback at about offering endorsement for Gateway South.


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