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Member Dues

Below will be payment buttons residents can click to pay member dues.  This page is not yet functional, intended just for demonstration.

Membership Options

Homeowner - $20

A household, a single-family dwelling, including a condo.

Senior - $10

Senior citizens may use this discounted rate.

Tenant - $12

A household in an apartment or similar rented dwelling.

Business - $25

A business operating in LaSalle Park.

How is the Money Used?

LPCA depends on a predictable income for activities (and their expenses) we'd like to do consistently every year.  Grants and similar sources tend to be irregular or even one-time.

This second paragraph could explain more about how dues revenue would be used. 
Ideally more than just a couple sentences.  So do be sure to update this placeholder text, since I'm only still writing this to better fill out the page.

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